What does government spend on Welfare?

What does government spend on Welfare?


Welfare Budget Expenditure
(Edited by Afolabi Thomas)

According to the ONS, in the year 2013-2014 the UK government spent £251 billion on welfare, which made up a whopping 37% of total government spending. The last time government spent close to that number was in the financial year of 2009-2010 where the UK government spent £233 billion.

What we spend our welfare on?

Retired People: We spend about £83 billion (33% of total welfare expenditure) on state pensions as well as another £20 billion on public service pensions, which are mainly provided for public service workers.

Health Care: £29 billion is spent on personal social services. Around £38 billion goes on benefits for people who are ill or disabled, and £10 billion goes for elderly care payments.

Working Aged People: £94 billion is spent on working age benefits, £37 billion on child benefit and other family, and £34 billion on tax credit and support for people on low incomes. About £5 billion is sent to the unemployed. There were about 3 million people in poverty in the census of 2013.

The graphs explain this visually with a bit more detail about what, and where this money was spent.

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