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What Is The ECHR And Why It Is Needed

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The British government seem to be having one new crisis after another to deal with on a weekly basis of recent. The illegal immigrants planned Rwanda deportation being the latest with the first flight on Tuesday thwarted due to the intervention of the European Court of Human Rights.

This intervention has caused a backlash amongst some MPs and public blaming the EU and Brexit for causing this ECHR intervention, hence the government signalling pulling the country out of this council. Unfortunately this is false as The ECHR has nothing to with Brexit nor the EU.

Priti Patel signing the partnership deal with Rwanda’s President Kagame

The British Government signed a partnership deal with Rwanda’s, President Kagame, to accept the deportation of illegal immigrants seeking asylum from the U.K. to Rwanda. This move is said to deter asylum seekers from Africa and Calais in France coming to Britain.

This has been very controversial especially because unaccompanied minors are involved and has sparked many comments of disapproval from important figures calling the plan immoral and inhumane.

As controversial as this deportation may be, one thing for sure is that it is dangerous for the government hinting the withdrawal of United Kingdom from this council because of this intervention.

What Is The ECHR?

The European Court of Human Right, ECHR was created after WW2 by the Council Of Europe convention of which the then Prime Minister, Winston Churchill was an advocate. There are mainly 14 rights agreed upon and this was finalised by Winston Churchill in 1950. This was one of his greatest monuments.

Winston Churchill finalised the ECHR rights in 1950

This was set up mainly to safeguard the people of Europe against fascist governments especially after the horrific events of the Second World War. There are currently only three countries in Europe that are not in the ECHR and they are: Russia, Belarus and Kosovo.

What Are The Rights?

  1. Respect human rights

  2. Right to life

  3. Prohibition of torture

  4. Prohibition of slavery

  5. Right to liberty and security

  6. Right to a fair trial

  7. No punishment without law

  8. Right to respect for private life and family life

  9. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion

  10. Freedom of expression

  11. Freedom of assembly and association

  12. Right to marry

  13. Right to effective remedy ( if your rights are violated)

  14. Prohibition of discrimination

All these rights above are extremely important to everyone and pulling out of these will pose a danger to people’s liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness. This has nothing to do with Brexit and The ECHR is older than the EU that the country is no longer a member of.

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