Women stage burkini ban protest outside French embassy in London

Demonstrators stage a beach party outside the French Embassy in London in protest at the French government's decision to ban women from wearing burkinis.

The French embassy in London resembled a seaside resort as women gathered at a makeshift beach to protest following an online image apparently showing a French police officer forcing a Muslim woman to remove her tunic.

It comes after a ban by some French authorities on burkinis, a type of tunic with a headdress worn by some Muslim women to keep their bodies covered on the beach.

In France there are strict rules surrounding religious dress.

Critics who described the ban, and the image of the police officer, as “humiliating” and “Islamophobic” gathered at the embassy, where they built a makeshift beach and wore different types of swimwear.

Organiser India Thorogood, 25, who planned the event less than 24 hours in advance via a Facebook group, said it is “unacceptable” that men should tell women what to wear, and that French authorities are specifically “targeting” Muslim women.

But the support was not unanimous, as the display was interrupted by a woman who stormed the “beach” and complained that campaigners for women’s rights ought to focus more on education.


  1. Pure madness, women do not need a burkini and it is not in the Koran. I wear normal swimsuits for swimming and my family are okay with this. Any woman should have a choice of wearing whatever she wants to wear, what is the big deal here?

  2. Glad this charade is over, the ban is crazy and and thankfully, it has been overruled. Otherwise, we start facing crimes against women all over again and this will be all women.

  3. Instead spending the resources on location the terrorists, they prefer to do this? Tossers. No wonder France is losing in tourism drastically.

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