The women’s march has reached Antarctica. Yes, really


A group of protesters in Antarctica will be joining in solidarity with females across the world by holding their own women’s march.

Due to the sensitive nature of the environment around them, the group will be holding their protest on board an expedition ship sailing around the frozen continent.

Although the group created an event page on Action Network, we aren’t really invited, because they don’t know exactly where the boat will be.

The event invitation stated:

We are an international group of eco-minded visitors on an expedition ship to Antarctica.

We will be “marching” on our ship, off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula on January 21, location still unknown (the harbour location above is generic). Unfortunately due to this constraint, we can’t invite the public, but welcome all ship-board guests and staff to join us.

As well as letting us know their plans, they also state that hats and signs will be welcome. Their slogan ideas include “Penguins for Peace” and “Seals for Science”.

It’s all a bit of fun, but also a fantastic way to raise awareness for an important cause and show solidarity with women marching today all over the world for equality.

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