Young climate change activists chain themselves to railings outside UK Parliament

Young climate change activists chain themselves to railings outside UK Parliament

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Protesters from the youth wing of Extinction Rebellion have chained themselves to a fence outside Britain’s Houses of Parliament in London.

The 10 young climate change activists attached bike locks around their necks to railings.

It comes after Extinction Rebellion began to wind down their direct action after weeks of protests and civil disobedience in London.

Earlier today, independent candidates in the European elections glued themselves to the doors of London’s City Hall.

Andrew Medhurst, an ex-banker, Larch Maxey, a teacher, and Roger Hallam, a PhD student, are all running as independent candidates in the EU elections as part of the Climate and Ecological Emergency Independents group.

Mothiur Rahman, a lawyer who is standing for the group, said outside City Hall: “Not enough is being done. We are taking the practice … of non-violent civil disobedience into the European elections, because the status quo isn’t working.

“Would you put your child on a bus if there were a 50/50 chance of it crashing?

“We need to act now, it’s an emergency.”

In response to the protests at City Hall, Conservative London Assembly Member Susan Hall said: “By claiming that he is an ally of the Extinction Rebellion, Sadiq Khan has encouraged these protesters to continue their disruption.

“Now they’ve glued themselves to City Hall, wasting yet more police time and stopping the public from entering their building.

“These protests have cost the police £7 million so far at a time of soaring violent crime. The Mayor needs to start taking the side of Londoners who want police to be tackling knife crime, not superglued protesters who are undermining their own cause.”



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