Zelensky asks for help rebuilding Ukraine in address to Swedish parliament

Ukraine President - Volodymr Zelensky has requested for more weapons and arms from the Biden’s Administration

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has invited Sweden to help rebuild his country as he marked one month since the Russian invasion during an address to the Swedish parliament.

“This is a month now,” Mr Zelensky said during a speech by video link on Thursday. “We have not seen a destruction of this scale since World War Two.

“Just look at what the Russian army has done to our country… A month of bombings similar to what we have seen in Syria,” Mr Zelensky said, adding 10 million people have been displaced.

He called on “Swedish companies and state to come rebuild” the country.

Speaking through an interpreter, he also raised the alarm about the possibility of Russia using nuclear and chemical weapons.

His speech was broadcast live before members of the 349-seat Riksdagen which gave him a standing ovation.

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