Argentinian survives 23-storey fall


The damaged taxi after it broke the fall of a woman who apparently jumped from the top of a hotel (AP)

A woman has survived apparently throwing herself from the 23rd storey of a Buenos Aires hotel when a waiting taxi broke her fall.

She landed in a sitting position on its roof just after the driver got out. The impact deeply dented the roof and shattered the taxi’s windscreen.

The 30-year-old woman suffered multiple injuries in the fall from the top of the Hotel Crown Plaza Panamericano and was being treated in hospital.

The taxi driver, who gave his name as Miguel, said he saw a policeman looking up and that prompted him to get out just before the driver’s side of the car was smashed by the woman’s body.

Another taxi driver, Juan Carlos Candame said that he saw the woman climb over a barrier and jump.

A restaurant at the top of the hotel overlooks the landmark Obelisk in central Buenos Aires.

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