Brexit would hit UK growth, survey of economists finds


Almost nine in 10 economists in the UK believe Brexit would be damaging for the country’s economy, a new survey shows.

Withdrawal from the EU would impact badly on Britain’s growth rates over the next five years, 88% of the 600 economists, questioned by Ipsos Mori for The Observer, said.

The survey also found that 82% of the economists said Brexit would cut household incomes, and 61% thought it would fuel unemployment.

British Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the findings, saying: “This poll confirms the overwhelming view of economists – leaving the EU would damage our economy, costing jobs and increasing prices. We are stronger, safer and better off in the EU.”

Former Lib Dem business secretary Sir Vince Cable said: “Nine in 10 of the country’s top economists now agree that leaving the EU single market would be hugely damaging to our economy.

“This adds to the existing consensus amongst economic experts, from the IMF to the Bank of England, that a vote to leave would hurt jobs and family finances.”

Britain Stronger in Europe campaign director Will Straw said: “This is the final nail in the coffin of the leave campaign’s economic credibility. It is becoming clear that leaving is a risk we simply cannot afford to take.”

Ipsos Mori surveyed over 600 members of the Royal Economic Society, and the Society of Business Economists for the poll.

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