Can Marine Le Pen win the French Election? Polls suggest it’s possible after Trump-elect

French National Front Leader Marine Le Pen.

French National Front (NF) leader, Marine Le Pen, was the first person to congratulate President-elect Donald Trump on his successful campaign.

Le Pen had been an advocate for a presidency that was truly democratic and not one lead by the political establishment.

The NF Leader said: “Americans have voted. They have rejected the status quo. They showed, through a decision which surprised those who believe situations are unchangeable, that the world moves, that the world changes and that movement is part of the life of nations.

Due to events such as the ‘Brexit’ vote in June and the Trump election, many eurosceptics are now pushing for Le Pen in the French elections in March. The followers include those that are against the ‘unelected’ EU leaders, and hope for an EU referendum of their own.

The far-right National Front leader is now the second favourite in the race, just behind the centre-right former Prime Minister Alain Juppé at 8/13.

Le Pen had continuously come under criticism over the past few years for her ‘harsh’ way with words, and some say that she has projected an ‘anti-muslim’ perspective for France.

Marine Le Pen Interviewed on BBC

Andrew Marr, of the Andrew Marr Show on BBC, is set to interview Ms Le Pen this Sunday, November 13.

BBC Presenter Andrew Marr and National Front Leader Marine Le Pen.
BBC Presenter Andrew Marr and National Front Leader Marine Le Pen.

The show was scrutinized for the decision to let the politician even have a spot on the show, and the social media feedback was immediate.

Rob Burley, the program’s editor, defended the reason for selecting Le Pen for joining the show in a series of tweets.

Burley writes: “Marine Le Pen is a controversial booking. But she is a serious contender for the French Presidency whatever you think of her views … Her party’s support – 6m in 2015 elections, 6m in the last Presidential Election and her ratings ahead of 2017 election significant.

“In French politics she is “normalised” by public support. We either treat her seriously or censor her.

“The shocks to conventional wisdom of the Referendum result & Donald Trump’s election make her victory a possibility if it wasn’t already.”

“Unless a politician is irrelevant (i.e no support or representation) or expresses views that are illegal … It is our job to hold them to account and allow viewers to understand what they think.”

“If you’re unhappy about Marine Le Pen’s electoral success fair enough, but that success – and Trump’s shock win – justify this interview.”


  1. Follow the signs, the French public are done with the establishment politicians.Le Pen will have a landslide win this time no matter what happens.

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