Christina Hendricks mad for jewels


Christina Hendricks had a moment of panic about her borrowed jewels at the Golden Globes

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks had a moments of panic at the Golden Globes when she lost a diamond bracelet worth 850,000 dollars.

The curvy actress – who wore a figure-hugging red gown to the ceremony and thousands of dollars worth of diamond jewellery she had been lent by jewellers Chopard – was horrified after walking the red carpet to realise she had lost one of the two diamond bracelets she had been wearing.

According to the New York Post, Christina began asking people: “Have you seen a diamond bracelet? I’ve lost one that looks like this.”

The red-headed star – who plays sexy Joan Holloway in the hit TV show – was relieved when she found someone had handed in the bracelet, but when she struggled to refasten the clasp, she decided to give the bracelet to her publicist for safe keeping.

When security told her she could no longer leave the auditorium, as the awards show had begun, Christina reportedly produced the glittering bangle from her cleavage and begged, “Please let me out, I have to give my diamond bracelet to my publicist!”

The stunned guard then apparently opened the door a crack so she could pass the gems to her publicist.

A representative for Chopard confirmed Christina was wearing 200 carats of their diamonds at the show and a security guard was on hand to make sure nothing went missing. The jewels included a 49-carat emerald and Marquise-cut diamond bracelet set in platinum.

The representative said the bracelet that fell off was a 124-carat, pear-cut and fancy-shape diamond bracelet set in platinum worth 850,000 dollars and it was returned by her publicist along with all the other jewellery she borrowed.

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