Clooney enthusiastic over Ides


Ryan Gosling has been told to do some 'campaigning' to prepare for his role in The Ides Of March

George Clooney is “infectiously enthusiastic” about his latest film, The Ides Of March, Ryan Gosling has revealed.

The Golden Globes-nominated actor will star in the political drama alongside George, who is also directing and co-producing.

“George has so much enthusiasm, he’s just so enthusiastic about this film, and there’s nothing he hasn’t thought of – it’s very infectious,” Ryan said.

He added: “I’m a huge fan of George and Grant Heslov, his partner, who did my favourite TV show Unscripted.”

Ryan, who can currently be seen starring in Blue Valentine with Michelle Williams, plays “a press spokesman who falls prey to backroom politics” in the film, based on the Broadway play Farragut North.

“It’s an ensemble piece, but my character is the one that takes the downward spiral. He’s an idealist who soon discovers the dirty pull of politics,” said Ryan.

Filming kicks off in mid-February, but George has already given Ryan some advice on preparing for his role.

“He basically told me to go and campaign because we’re about to make a campaign movie. I have to ‘campaign’ Blue Valentine as much as I can so I’m taking all the press as research,” he added.

Golden Globe winner Paul Giamatti, Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood also appear in The Ides Of March.

:: Blue Valentine is in cinemas now.

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