Coppola: Gender no obstacle for me


Sofia Coppola reckons being female is no barrier to making movies in Hollywood

Sofia Coppola has said she never considered her gender an obstacle to making it in Hollywood.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker grew up as the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, famous for his movies The Godfather and Apocalypse Now.

She said of her upbringing: “My dad treated me the same as my brothers. He was teaching me the same, so I never thought I couldn’t do that.”

Still, she didn’t see a lot of female filmmakers when she was growing up and said she’s glad there are many more women behind the camera now than when she made her first feature film, The Virgin Suicides, in 1999.

Sofia, who won an Academy Award for her original screenplay for 2003 film Lost In Translation, has spent more than two years on her latest effort Somewhere, writing, directing, producing and editing the film. She said she finds writing to be the hardest part, shooting the most exciting and editing the most enjoyable.

The film – about a hotshot movie star whose hedonistic lifestyle is interrupted by a visit from his 11-year-old daughter – was a family affair, with her brother and dad serving as producer and executive producer, respectively. Husband Thomas Mars and his band Phoenix created the score.

Sofia, 39, said her brother Roman is often the first to see her scripts: “I feel like he really gets me and I trust him, so it’s not so scary.”

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