Daredevil to try and cross Channel on flyboard again after crash in first attempt

Man attempts to cross the English Channel with flyboard.

French inventor Franky Zapata will try again to traverse the English Channel on a flying board after his first attempt failed at the halfway mark.

The 40-year-old’s wife, Christele, said he will retry the 22.4-mile journey on Sunday from the French town of Sangatte to an area near Dover in England.

Last week, on his first attempt, Mr Zapata crashed into a refuelling boat 12 miles into the trip.

This time, his wife said he will use a larger boat for the refuelling stop in the hope that it will make landing easier.

The inventor has had to build a new board, a customised version of the Flyboard his company sells for water sports.

The engine is fuelled by paraffin he carries in a backpack, with his feet fastened to the board.

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