Decoding Your Complexion!


We’ve all heard our grandparents telling us time and again- you are what you eat! While most of us try to eat healthy, there may be particular foods that are ruining our skin without us realising it. What you are eating maybe jacking up your face! It is said that too much sugar, dairy, gluten and even alcohol could be blamed for numerous common skin issues like dark circles or sallow skin could be blamed to our diet. Interestingly, our face can be grouped into main symptom types like dairy face, wine face, gluten face and sugar face. 
So before your reach for that second cookie, late night chocolate or pour another glass of wine, consider the fact that your diet may be affecting you heavily! Here’s how you can transform your life (face) if you steer clear of certain ingredients from your kitchen, all you gluten, sugar, wine or dairy victims. 

Wine Face

There are innumerable benefits of drinking red wine in moderation. We are also aware that red wine could stain your teeth or mess up your mouth, and most importantly it can lead to your skin looking reddish and lined. So if you have noticeable lines or marks between the eyebrows, droopy eyelids, pronounced fine lines and wrinkles underneath the eyes, dehydrated skin with feathery lines across the cheeks, enlarged pores, a reddish skin tone, and deep nasolabial folds. Clearly your body is full of sugar, besides pesticides and sulphites wine causes dehydration. This is when the body loses water, your liver is overworked, and digestion can go erratic the day after your indulgence, leading your skin to look like that! Beware wine lovers, if you drink unreasonably on a regular basis, you can disrupt your gut’s bacteria, leading to many diseases. If you must have a glass or two of wine limit it to once in a while, however refrain from proper booze completely.

Dairy Face

While dairy is a good source of calcium, moderation is again the key here! If you have particularly swollen eyelids, under eye bags, darkness under the eyes, widespread acne and blemishes, pale cheeks, and concentrated pimples on the chin. Clearly, you have been adding an extra plop of milk in your coffee or been adding extra scoops of ice cream to your sundae or shakes which can be highly tempting, however it can seriously mess up your complexion even if you’re not lactose intolerant. As we age, there is a drop in the enzymes that let you properly digest lactose which can lead to inflammation in the body, including the face which tends to appear exhausted and red. So if your face is beginning to appear puffy, sleepy, dull and uneven then take a break from dairy all together for a couple of weeks to figure the difference in your complexion. 

Sugar Face
Sugar can be addictive and has been known as a guilty indulgence since time immemorial. It is not nutritious for sure! If you see lines and wrinkles on the upper forehead, sagging under the eyes, widespread blemishes and pustular or cystic acne, gaunt appearance, thinning of the skin, dark gray or pasty white hue to the complexion. It’s no secret that consuming a lot of sugar regularly can wreak havoc on your weight, energy, and overall health, and primarily be disastrous for your skin. With the face, the sugar consumed leads to glycation, wherein surplus glucose molecules stick to your collagen, changing or stiffening it. If you are yearning for a fresh looking skin and tired of all the spots and fine lines, try avoiding sugar or have very little of it.

Gluten Face

Gluten free food and gluten free beauty products are the buzz word these days! Well, if you find your forehead blemished, cheeks and jawline bloated, giving an overall puffy appearance to your face, with reddish spots or dark patches on the chin you have a gluten face. Clearly, gluten might be giving your body a tough time. Few people have coeliac disease, which is an autoimmune disorder that leads to the body to attack itself when gluten enters the system, here also you are sensitive to gluten! Gluten primarily causes a leaky gut, and leads to your inflammatory cytokines leading to a cascade of systemic inflammation thus leading to your skin cells producing pigmentation, dark patches and spots. So if you’re upset with your uneven complexion, especially around your chin steer clear of gluten from your diet all together.

The Beauty Diet

Face mapper and nutritionist Shivali Singh says, ‘Beauty comes from the inside, youthful, flawless skin is always an inside job. It’s not always what you are putting on your face, instead focus on what you are putting in your body. So if you notice an acned, ageing, dark circles, droopy eyelids and dull skin you need to pay attention to your food intake. For stellar skin avoid poor diet, go wheat-free, avoid sugar, avoid processed food, avoid drinks, and be hard on yourself to see the results. For some people cereal for breakfast, cheese bread sandwich for lunch and creamy pasta for dinner works well as comfort food but may not go down well on your skin besides disrupting your digestion, energy levels and hormonal system! Instead your beauty diet should include natural and organic options like honey, fruits, dates, salads, vegetables, dry fruits, seeds, gluten free substitutes and tons of water or flavoured water.

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