Diamond bra could bust the bank


The 800,000 pounds Ultimo Diamond Bra is made to order

A diamond-encrusted bra could well be the perfect Christmas present for girls – but it comes with a £800,000 price tag.

The bra, launched by lingerie firm Ultimo, has 32 one-carat diamonds set in platinum on the backstrap.

It was designed by Ultimo founder Michelle Mone with the help of jeweller Grant Macintyre.

Ms Mone described it as “the perfect gift for girls who love diamonds”.

She said: “What girl doesn’t want to be draped in diamonds from head to toe?”

Mr Macintyre added: “We have all seen bras with cups covered in diamonds, but we wanted to design something more elegant and wearable.

“We’re hopeful that at least one or two men will come forward to order the bra, which will be made to order by a team of expert bra technicians and our diamond specialists. Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like diamonds.”

Ultimo has also launched a copycat version made from satin and diamante crystals, which is on sale at a more modest £35.

Ms Mone said: “Everyone has felt the pinch of the recession so we created an identical bra design replacing the diamonds with diamante crystals. Women can stay equally as stylish and glamorous on a budget thanks to this bra.”

A spokesman for the firm said despite its high maintenance appearance, the bra is easy to put on – and wriggle out of.

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