Euro 2016: Robson-Kanu strike grabs win against Slovakia

Robson-Kanu puts Wales up 2-1 late in the game.

Wales 2 – 1

Man had not made it on the moon, when Wales got this far in the Euros. Wonderful support from both sides of the match, as Wales and Slovakia meet for their first match in the Euro 2016.

Early in the game brought quite a scare to the Welsh as Gareth Bale loses the ball in his own half leading to a Slovakian offensive all the way into the penalty box. Slovakian attacker, Hamsik, gets two Welsh defenders with a sneaky fake before striking at goal early. But, out of nowhere Ben Davies throws himself in the path of the ball to keep Wales in the game.

Some early Welsh pressure in the Slovakian half leads to Hrosovsky challenge on Williams. Bale was to take the free kick, and what a strike it was. With beautiful touch, Bale leaves Kozacik dumbfounded, as Wales takes an early lead 10 mins in.

Gareth Bale celebrates

An early lead creates early relaxation for Wales, but not for too long as Slovakian pressure in their own half puts them constantly on their toes. As they start to increase their intensity, Hrosovsky jumps into a challenge with Williams in an attempt to keep the Slovakian attack from losing momentum.

Unfortunately, this challenge lead to the first yellow of the match, a shame for Slovakia.

Later a bit of controversy was brought up, as Aaron Williams went towards the Slovakian box. Slovakian defender, Skrtel, clobbers Williams with his elbow just yards away from the official. No penalty was awarded.

First half ended with Wales sitting comfortably ahead.

The second half brought a more lively Slovakian team. More pressure was applied on the Welsh 5-3-2 formation. After obtaining possession, Mak, makes a superb run into the box shaking off the defense of Aaron Ramsey and lays it off to Duda, who with his first tough of the game, carefully places it in the bottom right.

Wales 1-1 Slovakia (Duda '61)
Wales 1-1 Slovakia (Duda ’61)

Slovakia with more spirit than ever provided one-sided pressure for at least 5 minutes on, until later Bale has a good run towards goal. The ball ends up at the feet of Robson-Kanu, who maintains possession ever so well and lobs it in towards a slashing Aaron Ramsey, who heads it too high for a goal.

It slowly starts to look grim for Wales, as time is running out, but they fight untill the end. Ramsey brings it forward to start the fast break, then quickly dishes it to Robson-Kanu, and the striker delivers another goal to secure a 2-1 lead at 81 mins.

Slovakia continues to fight on but it is not enough to secure a place to move forward in the Euro 2016.

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