Fluffy the lizard rescued from park


A monitor lizard was found wondering in the cold in a park in Lambeth, south London

His name bears no resemblance to his appearance or temperament, but given he was found hundreds of miles from his natural habitat, Fluffy the 16in reptile has been served up more than just an unreasonable name.

The long-necked monitor lizard was found wandering in a park in Lambeth, south London, two days after Christmas.

Accustomed to temperatures above 20C, he was struggling with the cold, had an abscess on his mouth and a swollen eye.

The reptile’s fortunes changed when a concerned member of the public contacted the RSPCA.

He has since been cared for by the welfare group’s animal hospital in Putney.

Staff nurse Marianne Segev said: “He was initially very sluggish because when reptiles get cold their systems start to shut down.

“He was lucky as the weather was a little warmer than it has been recently. When he first came in, he was hanging on to the heat lamp, trying to warm up.”

Ms Segev said staff “were taking the mickey” when they named him Fluffy.

“He’s completely not fluffy in any way,” she said.

“He’s quite grumpy. And he has a pretty strong bite.”

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