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Love in a relationship is no different from your love for being naturally fit &radiant. Do you see women around you guzzling green juice and working hard to take care of themselves prior to Valentine’s Day?

Then go ahead and indulge in a pre-valentine’s day diet to look good, get hourglass. And who knows your partner might just have planned a vacation to one of those Thai or Aussie beaches where you get to hit the beach with your beau. Needless to say, you need to get fit as a fiddle in a jiffy! Read on to find out more on how to get the glow and look perfect ten…

We give you two effective diets that are believed to work really fast in attaining a lean and healthy body at the earliest. It promises to lose weight quickly, just in time for that Valentine’s day.

1. Liquid fasting lets you steer clear of all solid foods, only liquids are taken in. It also works as a detoxification, as this diet allows the apt vitamins and minerals to be soaked in by the body. All this minus getting weak rather attuning your body to start afresh. You are advised to drink at least 8 to 10 glass juices per day, alongside multivitamins and fish oil supplements.

2. The Low-Carb diet lets you limit the carbohydrate intake, which is essentially our body’s main fuel source. Emphasis is on food that are high in protein and fat. Eating low-carb diet, the fat gets utilized followed by the protein. The diet should include foods low in carbs and fats but rich in minerals and vitamins, for instance spinach, tomatoes, herbs, chicken breast, broccoli etc.


Nutrition Tips by Pooja Makhija & V. H. Gaba

1. Avoid large meals. Small meals raise the body’s metabolism. Large meals will leave you feeling sluggish and sleepy.

2. Sit down and eat slowly. Eat slowly to give your body time to release enzymes that tell your brain that you’ve eaten enough.

Also avoid eating on the go; the slower you eat, the more you will enjoy your food and the sooner you will feel full.

3. Don’t overeat if you are stressed. Many of us look for an antidote to ease stress. But stress-eating results in greater stress. Avoid mindless eating and look for other ways to de-stress.

For instant relief from lethargy or stress, close your eyes and take 11 deep breaths. You will feel instantly energized and calm. An integral aspect of good health is sleep, rest and relaxation.

Try getting eight hours of sleep a night. In a week’s time you will find your energy levels and your ability to deal with stress, improve.

4. Keep yourself hydrated. Our bodies are 70 per cent water. Dehydration causes many problems such as joint pains, cramping and headaches. Keep a large bottle of water by your side to drink during the day.

5. Make better food choices. Choose whole grain foods and low-fat foods, avoiding refined and processed foods.

6. Limit your exposure to smoke at home, work, restaurants or bars. Cut back on smoking and alcohol.

7. Coffee dehydrates the skin. A good idea is to switch to decaf.

8. Don’t eliminate food groups. Each food group has a vital function to perform. It is a great idea to cut back on heavier to digest foods and make lighter and healthier choices, but definitely do not put the entire food group on your “taboo” list.

9. Eat at least 2 hours before you sleep. Little digestion occurs during sleep, so try and eat your evening meal two hours before going to sleep.

10. Include a variety of fruits, vegetables, sprouts and grains in your diet. These foods protect the body against disease, build immunity levels and are an excellent source of energy.

11. Write down three or four realistic goals that you can stick to. Avoid fantasy-land goals that will only frustrate you. Throw away all the junk, the processed, and the “bingeable” foods now and replace them with fresh, whole foods like lots of water and veggies.

Whether it’s your best friend, spouse, or pet, it helps to have some nonjudgmental and nurturing support when trying to lose weight, especially during trying times. Create a food-free reward system.

A nutritious diet, as outlined in this plan, will provide you with a constant supply of energy throughout the day. This plan starts you off with a wholesome breakfast.

Lunch consists of adequate nutrition to provide you with necessary energy for the day. Dinner is light and easy to digest.

Mid-morning and evening snacks are nutritious and low in fat and sugar content; these are quick energy-giving foods that help to sustain you in between meals, so that your body does not starve for main meals.

So if you’re ready to get started – read on for the 4 simple strategies that will get you on the right path to lasting weight loss now.

1) If you are eating out, consume some low-calorie, filling food before you leave (such as soup, veggies or a salad), so that you are not famished when you are served your dinner meal.

Alter the size of your meal; eat a small meal when you dine late at night. And learn to make better food choices so that you are able to digest what you eat.

Dinner goals

• Eat at least 2 to 3 hours before sleeping.
• Make lighter choices.
• Reduce your quantity of food at dinner.
• Eat more soups and vegetables, and reduce your cereal intake.
• The closer you eat to sleeping time, the lighter your meal should be.
• Eggs, tofu and legumes are great protein alternatives to red meat. So you can add boiled eggs, cooked legumes or steamed tofu to your vegetables during meal time.

If you need to eat some dessert after dinner, have some fruit, sorbets or a warm herbal tea with honey.

2) A healthy breakfast can kick-start your body metabolism. Try to include wholesome, nutrient-rich, easily digestible foods, as they will boost your energy levels and get you going for the day.

If you buy breakfast cereal, choose a variety that is low in sugar and salt. Most importantly, vary your options so that the body can benefit from the different nutrients of different foods.

Breakfast goals

• Include fruit.
• Milk consumed should be skimmed and, preferably cow’s milk; you could also have Soya milk.
• Vary fruits, cereals and nuts so that you can benefit from their nutrients.
• Make breakfast an important meal of your day.

3) Lunch should be filling as it fuels you for the rest of your day. This is the time of the day, where your body has the energy to digest food. Lunch could be a relaxed meal — for many, it has to fit into a busy day.

Lunch away from home has to be convenient, practical and healthy. All too often, lunch eaten is on the go, a quick meal. Try to give yourself time-out to eat lunch — relax and eat; even if it is only 20 minutes that you can spare.

Lunch goals:

• Give yourself time to eat lunch. Chew your food well, without eating it in a rush.
• Eat lunch everyday at regular time, and not midway into the afternoon.
• Limit your intake of pasta, bread, chapatti or rice.
• Avoid having tea or coffee soon after lunch.
• Vary your vegetables and grains, so that you can benefit from each food type.
• Relax and try to free your mind of stress when you eat, as this helps digest food better.

4) In-between snacks are important because it helps to regulate the body’s sugar levels and take care of those hunger pangs between meals. Snack only when hungry, not when bored.

Snacking should mean being consciously aware of what you eat. Plan your snacks so that you don’t add on unnecessary calories. Don’t get fooled by all those healthy and low-fat packaged snacks so easily available these days.

Most of these snacks have little nutritional value and are high in salt or sugar content.

Snack goals:

• Eat small quantities of low-fat and low-sugar snacks.
• Don’t snack because you are bored.
• Eat fresh fruits and healthy low-fat snacks; avoid packaged, processed ones.

Happy Eating, Happy Weight Loss!


  1. Lovely tips but I definitely need my spanks this weekend to get into any sexy outfits.

  2. Smoking is my biggest problem and I am trying so hard because it stops me from eating lots.

  3. I suffer from indigestion and use all sorts that does not help.Would try some some these points and see how it goes.

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