Google has a new VR headset to announce

Google Cardboard - design for VR headset

Google looks set to announce another VR headset at Google I/O 2016, though it may be a more serious contender than Google Cardboard.

Something called Android VR was spotted in the development tool release notes for Unreal Engine 4.12 Preview 3. 9to5Google spotted “Fix!…AndroidVR plugin to 4.12” in the otherwise run-of-the-mill release notes.

Day 2 of Google’s annual conference gets underway with a session called “VR at Google.” It will be held almost exactly two years after the announcement of Google Cardboard. The time seems right to announce a successor to Google Cardboard or a fully-fledged VR headset as has been rumoured.

Google is also expected to unveil a Lenovo-made Project Tango phone with Augmented Reality in the near future. Expect to hear more about its AR and VR projects at Google I/O on May 18.

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