How NEET are Young People in the UK?


How NEET are Young People in the UK?
April 2015
(edited by Afolabi Thomas)

The Office of National Statistics classifies NEET people (Young people aged 18 to 24) as those who are Not in Education, Employment or Training. In the year to date, there were 943,000 young people who were not employed, in education or in training; a decrease of 20,000 from October to December 2014 and 45,000 from previous year. Out of all young people (ages 18 to 24) in the UK, 13% were NEET; down 0.3% from October to December 2014.

Education and Training

Now according to the ONS, a person is considered to be in educaiton or training if any of the following apply:

1) they are enrolled on an education course and are still attending or waiting for term to (re)start
2) they are doing an apprenticeship
3) they are on a government supported employment or training programme
4) they are working or studying towards a qualification, or
5) they have had a job related training or education in the last 4 weeks

Employment is classified as all kinds of paid work.

People aged from 16 to 24 Not in Education, Employment or Training as a percentage of all people aged from 16 to 24, seasonally adjusted.

Source: Labour Force Survey - Office of National Statistics
Source: Labour Force Survey – Office of National Statistics

We can see from the data that more young people are getting involved in education or employment in the UK. However, some of this data is circumstancial. For example, students that are trying to working and save money to put themselves through university, or those who choose to do apprenticeship and later opt into university status. Out of the total number of young people in the UK, there were 433,000 unemployed (258,000 men and 175,000 women aged 16 to 24). So all in all, nearly 50% of the total NEET people in the UK were unemployed, which cannot be as bad as some people think. Although the economy may not be in the best shape, there is still hope for young people in the UK. Let’s hope that the next statistic we see a decrease of NEET young people.

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