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Lane: Secretariat horses led me

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Diane Lane admits she had a favourite horse playing Secretariat

Diane Lane may be the leading lady in new movie Secretariat, but she reveals the horses she had to act with led the way on set.

The 45-year-old actress stars in the Disney film about the true story of housewife Penny Chenery, who took on the male-dominated world of horse racing and went on to become the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years with her horse Secretariat.

Diane revealed: “It’s not an easy task working with 12 hundred pounds of right – and they’re always right. They have to be, they’re so huge. It’s like the customer is always right.

“We had five horses playing Secretariat, I worked with three of them. I did have a favourite and we had some really good screen moments, frankly it’s true.”

The star also revealed the film is such a weepy it even moved her husband, Hollywood hunk Josh Brolin to tears.

She said: “You know, my husband cried.

“It’s about what this horse did in terms of the joy and expression at the end of the film, yes we know how the film ends but it’s sort of the ultimate suspense story because you know where it’s headed.

“The way this movie is shot I love too. It gets right in there and you experience the horses.”

Secretariat is released in cinemas on Friday December 3.

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