Locals ponder piano in bay mystery


A boat passes near a grand piano on a sandbar in Miami (AP)

A grand piano has mysteriously appeared on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay, Miami.

Residents from nearby South Beach speculated on the reasons behind the strange sight, wondering if the answer might lie in a music video or a romantic date.

A film-maker has claimed credit for hauling it to the sandbar on a barge, saying it was meant to portray the death of art, but he was unable to provide any proof.

The rumours have started buzzing in this laid-back stretch of coast, just north of the glitzy clubs and restaurants where such a piano might be more appropriate.

Karla Murray was so intrigued that she swam about 200 yards out to the sandbar, saying she could not pass up the “thrill of the hunt”.

When she got there, she found that the piano was damaged and charred, as if someone had set it on fire, she said. There were no engraved messages or clues.

“I wanted to see it first-hand,” said Ms Murray, a 42-year-old professional photographer who wanted to shoot the piano up close.

Alan Klopman, a writer whose home has a picturesque view of the sweeping bay and the sand, has been tracking the piano’s progress.

“I’ve been trying to figure it out. I’ve taken probably over 200 photos of it,” Mr Klopman said. “There was a bench with it initially.”

Another local Francisco Casiano, 62, added: “Who would dream of someone playing in the middle of the bay like that? It’s very unusual. I guess you’d have a nice view.”

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