Luckiest lottery places revealed


Paul Goldie and wife Christine at Lumley Castle, Chester-le-Street, Durham, won £3.5 million on the National Lottery

If you’ve ever wondered what the secret is to winning the lottery, then try moving to Essex, Kent or the North East.

Those regions head the top 10 luckiest places to live in the UK, according to a new study by the National Lottery.

Ilford in Essex tops the poll, having enjoyed a massive £87 million in big prizes, while Newcastle comes second as a lucky hotspot with one in 6,207 of its residents scooping a jackpot prize.

Medway towns in Kent were charmed too – ranked third – while Essex secures itself as one of the luckiest counties, with Romford joining Ilford in the lucky hotspots table, ranking fourth overall.

The North East makes a strong bid for the luckiest region in the UK, with Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham all featured in the top 10 listing. A massive £684 million in top prizes has been paid out to residents across the North East region, with 407 jackpot prize-winners.

The data reveal that Kent and its surrounding areas are also proving to be lucky, with both the Dartford and Bromley postcodes joining Medway towns as blessed hotspots. St Albans in Hertfordshire has clearly been on a winning streak as it also enters the top 10 listing.

The statistics – which include both publicity and non-publicity winners – maps out the top 10 lucky hotspots based on the highest number of major jackpot prizes won per adult among the playing population. It is based on winners since the lottery began in November 1994.

A National Lottery spokeswoman said: “Congratulations to Ilford, which has held on to the top spot as the luckiest place to live in the UK. There are obviously many residents in the area who have enjoyed a lucky windfall on the lottery over the past 16 years. In truth, every part of the UK should consider themselves lucky, with an average of 22 lottery millionaires which have been created in each postcode and a whopping £37 billion paid out in prizes since 1994.”

The total prize winnings for the luckiest top 10 postcodes since the lottery’s launch in 1994 are more than £1 billion (£1,099,680,085), with a total of 644 top prizes won and 237 millionaires created in these areas.

More than 2,500 lottery winners have now joined the “Millionaires’ Club” – meaning one in 6,760 of the UK’s player population has won a share of a National Lottery jackpot. This compares to around one in 19,000 in 2002, when the statistics were first compiled.

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