Nelson Mandela 'doing well at home'


Nelson Mandela is doing well after being discharged from hospital, a spokesman said

Former South African president Nelson Mandela is doing well, a day after being discharged from hospital, a spokesman said.

Doctors woke Mr Mandela up from a nap when acting president Kgalema Motlanthe arrived to visit him at his home on Saturday afternoon, Mr Motlanthe’s spokesman Thabo Masebe said.

From his bed, Mr Mandela told Mr Motlanthe he was happy to return home where his friends and family could visit him, unlike in the hospital where visits were restricted.

The 92-year-old recently spent two nights in a Johannesburg hospital for what his doctor said was a respiratory infection.

“When we arrived to see him, his wife indicated that (earlier) he was sitting in the living room with the family,” Mr Masebe said. “The doctor came in the morning, was happy with his condition and left.”

Officials have said Mr Mandela’s office received more than 10,000 letters of good wishes, including from US President Barack Obama.

A Johannesburg talk radio station held a small candle-lighting ceremony and asked South Africans to light candles at home to show support for Mr Mandela after he left the hospital.

The gesture, promoted by Talk Radio 702, sent positive energy to the former president, affectionately known by his clan name Madiba, event organiser Yusuf Abramjee said. “We owe it to Madiba and his family,” Mr Abramjee said. “Some senior government officials came to me with the idea yesterday, and South Africans latched on to it immediately.”

Carmen Reddy, of Talk Radio 702, said: “He deserves love and support to show him that South Africans are there. We want Madiba to get well, and this is a great way to show him.”

Mr Masebe said Mr Motlanthe will visit Mr Mandela regularly during this period. Doctors said they will continue to monitor Mr Mandela’s condition closely, Mr Masebe added.

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