NEW Super Mario game comes to iOS on December 15

Nintendo's Shigeru Minamoto with Super Mario Run revealed at Apple conference.

Mario, Nintendo’s most loved character is coming to the App Store in 151 countries on December 15, in the new game Super Mario Run. The game download is FREE.

Many of us came to love Super Mario since its debut, and then to its major expansion with Nintendo DS and Wii consoles. But, it has come back with a twist.

The game, first announced in September, will be an ‘endless runner’ and with tapping can jump and perform a variety of special moves.

One tap will make Mario jump, while pressing the screen will have him jump for longer and farther, and timed taps can make him stomp enemies. The game will also include 3 modes: World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder.

World Tour: With 24 different courses and 6 different worlds to enter, the World Tour mode allows you to immerse in the throwback Mario worlds we came to love before. Toad Rally: You must perform a bunch of stylish moves to attract a large Toad crowd, and challenge others in who can get the most fans. In order to play this mode you have to acquire Rally Tickets by clearing worlds or playing bonus games. Kingdom Builder: With the coins you gathered from Toad Rally challenges, you can build and decorate your own kingdom.

Players will be able to test out features in each of the game’s modes, but to unlock “unlimited access” a one-time purchase of £7.99 will be required.

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