Nolan 'stumbles' through film plots


Christopher Nolan says there's no master plan when he's writing for films

Christopher Nolan insists he just “stumbles through” writing movies.

“It takes me a long time, I probably should develop a technique, I just kind of stumble through it,” the filmmaker confessed at the Writers Guild Awards in Hollywood, where he won Best Original Screenplay for Inception.

The British director, who’s also nominated for an Oscar for his writing, was recently named Hollywood’s fourth-highest earner of 2010 making an estimated 71.5m dollars according to Vanity Fair.

At the special party in LA, he revealed a few of the secrets to his success.

“Well I think if you’re trying to do bigger and more ambitious films, [you try to] retain a bit of personality to it, that’s really the attempt,” he said.

“I get interested in stories for all kinds of reasons but I think in filmmaking the thing that fascinates me the most is probably the point of view that the story takes, who’s head are you in when you’re watching the film?”

Despite not being shortlisted in the Best Director category at this year’s Academy Awards, Nolan doesn’t seem too disappointed especially given Inception is still up for Best Picture.

“It’s terrific, it’s really great when your work gets recognised. It’s not why you do it but it’s certainly fun to be included in a group of great films,” he said.

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