Lee wants Hopper photo returned


Jason Lee's stolen photo of Dennis Hopper has 'sentimental' meaning for the actor

Jason Lee is offering a 25,000 dollar reward for the return of a stolen photograph of the late Dennis Hopper.

Jason’s black-and-white Polaroid of the iconic Easy Rider actor and director was on display as part of an exhibit in Los Angeles when it was swiped at the weekend.

The actor’s publicist Nancy Iannios said that an unidentified person grabbed the photo from the wall and ran out of the front door of the gallery in the Highland Park neighbourhood.

She added that My Name Is Earl star Jason has a sentimental attachment to the picture and will pay 25,000 dollars for its safe return, no questions asked.

The photo of Hopper, who died last year, was included in an exhibit by a six-person artist collective called THIS Los Angeles. Anyone with information is asked to contact the collective.

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