Prince's Super Bowl gig cancelled


Prince's concert before the Super Bowl never happened

Prince’s Super Bowl weekend concert was a Super Bust.

The music superstar was supposed to perform on Friday night at TheEvent, a concert with Erykah Badu that was to be a fundraiser for The Goss-Michael Foundation, the art group founded by George Michael and his longtime partner, Kenny Goss.

But the performance never happened, and the circumstances surrounding the cancellation were as mysterious as the Purple One himself.

Things started falling apart early on Friday, when a statement of disappointment was sent by the foundation saying the concert was cancelled.

“It is our understanding that River Alexander Group, the event organiser, was unable to fund and produce the evening,” the statement said.

Then the statement was rescinded by the foundation shortly after that, with another saying the concert was back on: “Prince has arrived in Dallas and will perform this evening.”

But the concert, recently moved from a tent in downtown Dallas to a hotel just north of the city, never happened, and a source close to Prince said that he never came to Dallas.

Prince’s camp said the organisers never arranged for transportation for the singer and his band.

“Prince is extremely disappointed that the organisers, the Meridian Entertainment Group and the River Alexander Group … were unable bring him and his band to Dallas,” the source said. “They say that apparently they lost their investors and were unable to adequately fund the event.”

Dallas radio and TV personality Chris Arnold, the event’s MC and organiser, insisted Prince’s band arrived and set up at the hotel in the afternoon, but Prince never made it to Dallas. He said people who bought tickets to the show – which cost 1,500 dollars per ticket and even more for VIP packages – would have their money refunded at the point of purchase.

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