North England on alert due to heavy rain


By Paula Planelles

England and Wales continue facing strong wind and heavy rains, which have caused devastation especially in Midlands and south-Wales. Delays in the public transport, road closures and safety warnings are the results of the chaotic weather that started last weekend and still goes on.

England and Wales face up to about 200 flood warnings and 300 alerts in order to avoid “terrible tragedies”, the Environment Secretary Owen Paterson said. The worst part happened during the weekend, when the storms caused the death of two people  and the destruction of 800 homes that were flooded, mainly in south- and the destruction of 800 homes that were flooded, mainly in south-west of England.

The north of England, and Yorkshire and Humber regions, were the worst affected areas by heavy storms on Monday. These three areas are on alert as the bad weather is expected to continue in the following days, according to the Met Office, which was expecting 40mm of heavy rain, with up to 70mm in some places, especially in Cornwall, Devon, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. “Here we can expect between 30 and 40mm of rain falling in many areas and up to 70mm of rain in parts of north-east England, continuing the risk of further flooding and travel disruption”, Eddy Carroll, the Met Office chief forecaster, warned.

In a bid to reduce the risk of flooding, the Environment Agency is working hard and has established 198 flood warnings across England and Wales for people to take action and prepare in case of possible flooding.

Mr. Paterson, during his visit to Exeter where the river Exe burst its banks, highlighted the importance of respecting the alerts in order to avoid disaster. “I would ask everyone to work together – work with the Environment Agency, look at the website, so you can get warned, because I am worried some of these terrible tragedies we’ve had could have been avoided if people had kept themselves up to date with the information we’re putting up”, he stated.

Precaution is required to beat the terrible weather which threatens the country.


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