6 Easy Exercise Habits



We always have the best intentions to lose weight and get fit. After all, being toned and at your ideal weight offers a host of health benefits, not to mention feeling more confident and energetic. The problem is, unless you make exercising a habit it’s easy to let it go and forget about it until the guilt creeps up on you again. Here are some easy ways to stay motivated and stick with your workouts.


  1. Vary Your Routines
    Choose a variety of exercises you enjoy and can rotate on a daily basis so you don’t get bored. For example, you can alternate between power yoga, weight lifting, walking, running, aerobic dance, spinning, and swimming. By having different exercises to choose from, you can get in a workout no matter what the weather is like.
  2. Make It A Priority
    Make exercising a priority in your life rather than something you’ll get around to if and when you have the time or energy. It’s easy to put housework, errands, or a favorite TV show before exercise, or to flop down on the sofa after getting home from work. Make your daily exercise routine non-negotiable.
  3. Pair Up
    When you exercise alone it’s easy to make excuses as to why you can’t or shouldn’t work out if you don’t feel like it. If you pair up with a friend or your spouse and agree to exercise together it’s not as easy forego your workouts since you don’t want to let your exercise partner down.
  4. AM Workouts
    By exercising first thing in the morning you can get it out of the way and not dread working out after you’re exhausted from your day. Also, by exercising soon after you wake up you’ll have more energy and burn more calories.
  5. Get Enough Sleep
    Nothing can have you dragging through the day and avoiding exercise like a lack of sleep. Be sure to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night and try not to go to bed later than 10 PM. This will help you to wake up earlier and stick to your exercise routine.
  6. Set Milestones
    Reward yourself whenever you reach a predetermined milestone you’ve set. You could buy a new pair of jeans or shoes once you’ve lost five pounds, or treat yourself to a movie, a night at the theater, or a nice bottle of wine.

Choose a few or all of the above tips and make exercising a habit. Do what works for you so you can stick to a healthy lifestyle. Once it does become a habit you won’t feel right skipping it.

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