Oxford Street FLOODED with anti-mask protesters

Oxford Street protests; Anti-lockdown protests

Anti-lockdown protesters demonstrated in Oxford Street on Saturday, raising increased awareness of the disjunct between the government and the public.

This week, the government announced more Covid-19 restrictions including raising Manchester to tier 3 on the coronavirus alert scale. The government’s new localised lockdown system and scale was first put into play mid-October by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

As the announcements were made, the public grew enraged and waited for the opportunity to be heard.

According to CityAM, London would need £440m every month if it were to go into tier 3 lockdown restrictions on the basis that Sadiq Khan made the same funding request as Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham.

Burnham originally requested £100m for his city, and turned down the government’s £60m offer for extra funding during the tier 3 restrictions – Boris Johnson still imposed the restrictions regardless.

The back-and-forth exchanges had many wondering what conflict Sadiq Khan would have with government in requesting funding should London go into tier 3.

The Centre for Cities said if Khan were to ask for the same as Burnham – enough so furloughed workers get 80% of their pay – it would cost government up to half a billion pounds.

The Centre for Cities’ senior analyst Elena Magrini said: “On support for workers in tier 3 cities specifically, we endorse proposals for an 80 per cent furlough scheme.

“It would make a large difference for many lower income workers who could be left in financial difficulties as a result of these new restrictions and may help lessen the long-term damage done to London’s economy.”

The scale is much larger when talking about the capital, but as it stands London is still well below Manchester in terms of alert levels.

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