Paddington tour to boost marmalade


Marmalade lover Paddington Bear speading the word on the benefits of starting each day with a healthy breakfast

Marmalade lover Paddington Bear is spreading the word on the benefits of starting each day with a healthy breakfast.

Despite it being the most important meal of the day, half of Britain does not have time for a decent breakfast, jam and marmalade maker Robertson’s says.

With marmalade sales reportedly in decline, Robertson’s has hired duffle-coated Paddington Bear to reignite Britain’s passion for the orange fruit preserve.

Suitcase in tow, Paddington left the station he was named after on Saturday.

He will stop off at Liverpool station on Saturday January 22 to collect homemade jars of marmalade from members of the public that will be judged at the Marmalade Festival in Cumbria on February 13.

Cardiff marmalade makers wishing to enter the competition, along with anyone else in the city wishing to meet Paddington, will get a chance to do so at the main station on January 29.

The bear will arrive at Edinburgh station on February 5.

While Britain’s penchant for marmalade and toast for breakfast is on the wane, people are not necessarily skipping the most important meal of the day altogether- but it is increasingly not being eaten at home, life coach Christine Webber said.

She said: “Far too many people nowadays grab a quick, expensive and often unhealthy snack on the go while juggling phone calls, their twitter account, and trying to negotiate public transport.

“This is madness and adds to our stress levels, whereas allocating time before leaving the house to eat a swift, healthy breakfast such as toast, porridge, yoghurt or fruit provides us with a calm and nutritious start to the long day ahead.”

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