People were impressed by how Hillary Clinton handled Trump’s inauguration


It’s difficult enough to imagine coping with the grief of losing out on becoming the first female president – but to have to attend the inauguration of the man who beat you might just top that devastation.

Hillary Clinton attended the inauguration of Donald Trump today to watch him take over the role from Barack Obama as President of the US.

This must’ve been a bitter pill for Hillary to swallow, and many people applauded her courage and how she handled herself with dignity.

However, many couldn’t help but notice that there seemed to be a sadness to her, behind the smiles.

After all Hillary has done already for women’s rights, she chose to wear white to the event, as white was one of the main colours to signify the suffragette movement.

Although Hillary will not be becoming the US President today, she seems to have still made a huge impact on many people, in particular the younger generations across the globe.

And that’s important to remember, no matter whose side you’re on.

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