Pettyfer not for Mortal Instruments


Alex Pettyfer has apparently turned down a role in The Mortal Instruments

Alex Pettyfer has reportedly turned down the starring role in the film adaptation of young adult novel series The Mortal Instruments in favour of another young action hero.

The 20-year-old British actor, who starred in the 2006 film of Stormbreaker and appears opposite Glee’s Diana Agron in alien action film I Am Number Four later this month, was in talks to star as hero Jace in Screen Gems adaptation Cassandra Clare’s best-selling books, but New York magazine’s Vulture blog reports negotiations have broken down.

Alex is reportedly keen to take the starring role in another potential franchise, in Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures’ adaptation of Joseph Delaney’s best-selling young adult novel series The Last Apprentice, published as The Wardstone Chronicles in Britain.

Alex would play seventh son of a seventh son, teenager Thomas J. Ward, who is training to be an exorcist in the 1700s.

Oscar nominees Jeff Bridges and Jennifer Lawrence have also been linked to the project, with Jeff being offered the part of the exorcist Thomas is apprentice to, and Jennifer playing a suspected witch.

Alex is apparently a fan of Delaney’s books and is also keen to work with Russian director Sergey Bodrov, who directed 2005’s Nomad and 2007’s Mongol: The Rise Of Genghis Khan.

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