Police pledge over phone hack probe


Detectives will leave 'no stone unturned' as they restart an inquiry into phone hacking allegations, Scotland Yard pledged

Senior detectives will leave “no stone unturned” as they restart their inquiry into phone hacking allegations, the head of Scotland Yard has pledged.

Acting Commissioner Tim Godwin launched a vigorous defence of how his force has handled a steady stream of new claims linked to the News of the World.

Speaking at a meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority (MPA), he said investigators must now be left to follow the new evidence wherever it may lead.

Describing the new inquiry, Mr Godwin said: “It will be very robust and it will be under scrutiny as it should be.

“It will restore confidence in victims who feel they have not been given a service. It will be with no stone unturned. We have some of the most skilled investigators in the country and you will be proud of what they do.”

The inquiry has been transferred to the Met’s specialist crime directorate and will be led by Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sue Akers.

Mr Godwin said the new team of detectives responsible for the inquiry will work as “swiftly” as possible and the “proof of the pudding will be in the eating”.

He said the Met is “not afraid” of being held to account over its decisions but detailed questions can only answered after the criminal process has finished.

Mr Godwin said: “The reality we are confronted with today is we have a full-blown investigation under way and we do not want to do anything that will undermine the prospect of any prosecutions that may occur. We need to allow Sue Akers and her team to robustly pursue the evidence and lines of inquiry, which is what everyone expects us to do.

“At the end of this process, when we draw a line under the legal process, and there are a number of judicial matters, there are questions people will want to ask.”

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