Rail clerk throws Christmas party


Railway station clerk Angela Milton has thrown a Christmas party for commuters in Cambridgeshire

A booking clerk at a railway station in Cambridgeshire has thrown a Christmas party for passengers.

Angela Milton, who already offers coffee and sweets and runs a library at the station ticket office in Shelford, Cambridgeshire, laid on Christmas presents and festive food via a free raffle for travellers heading to London and Cambridge.

Miss Milton, who has worked at the station for 16 months, funds the extras out of her own pocket.

“I imagine a lot of people would think I’m mad,” said Miss Milton, 43, of Littleport, Cambridgeshire.

“But I love my job and I love my customers and I see it as part of the service to make their lives as comfortable as possible.”

Miss Milton, who has previously worked at railway stations in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Basingstoke, in Hampshire, and Woking and Haslemere, in Surrey, added: “I think people really appreciate what I do. I get old folk popping in for a drink and a chat.”

Former train driver Ron Gooch, 82, who lives in the village, said: “I’ve never seen anything like it. All the passengers compliment her. She’s fantastic.”

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