Relieving Eye Strain Naturally


Eyes are precious folks! They are the most delicate and beautiful part of our body. With too much sitting in front of the laptop or constant checking your phone while you are in the train or tube can take a toll on your eyes. Besides stressful times at work and long working hours, or watching television for long could get your eyes feel worn-out, red and irritated. We got you some simple eye exercises that will help you relax at the end of a frenzied summer day. Here’s how to improve eye sight and refresh your eyes! 

Gaze into the Darkness

You may have done it unknowingly or unmindfully, however do it consciously no. Switch off the lights, put your elbows on the table, close your eyes and cup them with your palms. Relax and stare into the darkness. You could do this a couple of minutes.

Side to Side Eye Movement

You can do this either while sitting or standing. All you have to do is look straight ahead. Don’t move your head, look sideways, and focus on what you observe. Now look to the other direction and focus on what you see. You can move your eyes from side to side around five to six times. Repeat the cycle three times.

Up and Down Eye Movement

You have to sit upright and look ahead, look upwards and focus on what you see. Now look down, you have to frown or wrinkle your forehead, thereafter look up and down about five to six times and the entire cycle a few times.

Moving Eyes Diagonally

For this you have to look straight ahead, look downwards and leftwards. Thereafter, move your eyes diagonally and look up, to your right and focus on what you see. You have to repeat the cycle five times continually. Now you have to go back to the starting position and repeat it in the other direction about thrice. 

Pencil Exercise

Hold a pencil or a pen at arm’s length in front of you and keep your eyes focused on the tip of a pencil or pen and slowly bring it closer to your nose. Repeat for 10 times. This prevents blurred vision and improves focus ability.

Rolling your Eyes

Rolling your eyes does help relax, an exercise we tend to do as a habit. If you wish to do it as an exercise you have to sit straight in a relaxed position, look side wards and gradually roll your eyes in a circle, clockwise. You have to repeat this five times and then do it counter clockwise as well with the cycle going up thrice. 

Pencil Workout

Hold a pencil or a pen at arm’s length in front of you, keep your eyes focused on the tip of a pencil or pen and slowly bring it closer to your nose and repeat a few times. This prevents blurred vision and improves focus ability.

Natural Remedies

Pour little oil on your palm and rub the palms together to generate heat, and then place your palms on your eyes for a few seconds. Repeat this a few times to relax and reduce eye stress. 
You can take aloe vera gel or herbal cream and gently massage on to your closed eyes for few minutes in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. It helps relax muscles, soothes puffy eyes and improves blood flow to the surrounding areas of your eyes.

Health Expert Vaani Kapoor says, ‘Take breaks and blink as often you can. You should have an anti-glare computer screen. As soon as you wake up in the morning splash your eyes with cold water and repeat a few times to clean and relieve tired eyes besides reduce dark eye circles too. To improve your vision naturally, increase the intake of foods that are rich in vitamin A such as papaya, carrot, milk, fish and egg. Also include lot of dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, drumstick leaves and fenugreek leaves that are good sources of iron. Drink at least 15 -16 glasses of water to keep your eyes hydrated and fresh. Wear sunglasses when you go out in the sun to protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays. Sleep for eight hours daily.’

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