Rosie O’Donnell seems ready to play the role of a lifetime: Steve Bannon


Rosie O’Donnell has been very vocal in her criticism of Donald Trump, but could she be turning her protest into comedy?
That’s what everyone thinks will happen after Rosie tweeted this picture of herself as none other than Trump’s right-hand man Steve Bannon.

The comedian and talk show host soon changed her profile picture to the snap of Bannon with her face superimposed on, and we’ve got to say she’s a bit of a Photoshop whizz.
This got people thinking – was Rosie going to follow in Alec Baldwin’s footsteps and play the Bannon to his Trump on Saturday Night Live?

Many people just can’t get over how perfectly she fits into the role of Bannon.
And the good news is we know Rosie is well up for the job – because she already said so a few days ago when somebody first suggested it.

SNL recently saw its highest ratings in 22 years, and many people think this is down to the show’s attacks on the Trump administration. A potential turn by Rosie as Bannon could further boost its popularity.
Most recently, Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer was played on the show by Melissa McCarthy.

According to Politico, the main problem Trump had with the damning skit was the fact that Spicer was played by a woman… so we doubt he’d be best pleased if Rosie stepped up to the plate.
For many, this serves as an incentive for SNL to cast Rosie.

Some people are even going so far as to call for Rosie to play Trump himself.

If Rosie does play Bannon on the show, this wouldn’t be the first time Trump’s adviser has featured on SNL. He’s previously been portrayed as the Grim Reaper, which we doubt he loved.

We’re not quite sure what Bannon would prefer: being played by the angel of death or Rosie O’Donnell?

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