Sober as a judge? Maybe not…


A US judge is taking daily breathalyser tests after admitting drink driving

A Maryland judge who was convicted of drink driving is taking daily blood-alcohol tests before and during his courtroom work.

Washington County Circuit Judge W. Kennedy Boone III said that he had agreed to the unusual punishment after acknowledging a long struggle with alcoholism.

He said: “I’m glad it’s got to this point. The sanctions are certainly totally appropriate and I’m prepared to live by them.”

The 68-year-old must also attend at least five Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week.

Judges elsewhere in the country have been ordered to attend AA, and in some cases have been required to take random drug and alcohol tests, according to Cynthia Gray, director of the American Judicature Society’s Centre for Judicial Ethics.

Boone pleaded guilty to a charge of drink driving in March after a collision caused minor injuries to a 25-year-old woman in another vehicle.

He was found to be more than twice the legal limit.

Boone was fined $1,000 (£630) and sentenced to three years of unsupervised probation.

The breath tests were ordered by the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities.

A law enforcement officer or court bailiff administers the tests in his office twice daily – in the mornings and after lunch – since he was reprimanded in January.

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