Spotify hits 40 million paid subscribers – double that of Apple Music

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Spotify has reached 40 million paying subscribers of its music streaming service, the firm’s founder Daniel Ek has revealed.
In a tweet, the Spotify boss wrote “40 is the new 30. Million”, before the music firm followed up to confirm his cryptic message did refer to paying users of the app, which launched in 2006.

Rival streaming service Apple Music, which was launched last year, recently announced it had reached 17 million paying customers.

Unlike Spotify however, Apple Music does not offer a free version of its app.

The competition between the different music services has intensified in the last year since the launch of Jay Z’s Tidal app as well as Apple Music, with both platforms actively seeking artist “exclusives” in order to entice more users to their own service.

June, Spotify revealed it had reached 100 million active users of both their paid-for and free, ad-supported versions of the service. Mr Ek did not give an update on user numbers for the free version of the platform.

This year, Frank Ocean and Kanye West have both launched albums exclusively on one service first, before making them more widely available.

Pop star Taylor Swift also withdrew her catalogue of music from Spotify after declaring her opposition to music being available for free, calling it “unfair” on artists.

The Shake It Off singer also planned to boycott Apple Music before a change in policy from the tech giant. Swift has since appeared in adverts for the service.

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