Two-thirds plan new year resolution


Losing weight topping the list of new year's resolutions, a survey suggests

Nearly two thirds of Britons are planning to make a new year’s resolution, with losing weight topping the list, research suggests.

Around 64% of people said they will make a resolution for 2011. Of these, 55% said they wanted to lose weight and 49% planned to exercise more, according to price comparison website

Improving finances was the third most popular resolution, at 44%, followed by eating more healthily, 35%, and looking for a new job, 16%.

A further 16% planned to take up a new hobby, 15% hope to spend more time with family and friends, 14% will try to stop smoking or at least cut down on the habit and 11% plan to reduce the amount of alcohol they drink.

Just under half of those who plan to make a financial new year’s resolution said they hoped to reduce their outgoings, 30% want to reduce their debt and 28% hoped to save money towards a deposit for a home.

One in 10 people are hoping to buy a house or move during 2011 and 8% plan to pay more money into their pension.

Two fifths of people said they were making a new year’s resolution because they genuinely hoped they would be able to change their behaviour, although 54% admitted they would probably have broken their pledge by the end of January. Just 14% thought they would be able to maintain their new behaviour for between six and 12 months.

John Miles, of, said: “Most people will make new year’s resolutions in 2011 and, unsurprisingly, health, fitness and money matters top the list.

“A new year presents us with a new start and an opportunity to look forward as well as reflecting on the changes we want, or need, to make in our lives.

“Money worries are clearly very much front of mind still. The fact that more people are resolving to sort out their finances than spend more time with their family, quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption put together tells us a lot about the economic outlook for 2011.”

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