US man says he'll live with lions


A Florida man will spend the month living in a fenced enclosure with two African lions

A Florida man says he’s going to spend the next month living in a fenced enclosure with two African lions.

James Jablon of Spring Hill told WTSP-TV that he hopes the stunt will raise money for his wildlife centre, Wildlife Rehabilitation of Hernando.

Mr Jablon entered the lions’ den on Saturday. He says he’s going to sleep on hay near the lions, named Lea and Ed, and eat when they eat.

He says he’s also going to build a place to sleep and hide in the trees in the enclosure, in case the lions fight with each other. His adventure is being streamed live online through Jan 31.

About 100 animals live at the centre about 40 miles north of Tampa. It was started for native wildlife needing medical treatment, but Mr Jablon says he’s now being asked to provide homes for exotic pets.

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