Vince Vaughn open to kids' movies


Vince Vaughn says he would be happy to do another family movie if the right one came along

Vince Vaughn has said he is open to doing more child-friendly films, now that he is a dad.

The Dilemma actor, who welcomed his daughter Locklyn with wife Kyla last month, has already starred in family movie Fred Claus, but would consider animation or a kids’ movie in the future.

“I’m not in any hurry to do something, but I would be open to a kids’ movie – I’ve done one before and I loved doing that,” he said.

Vince added: “I’ve never planned anything too much – you just go with something that’s good. If it comes to you, I’m open to different stuff. For me, a lot of the stuff I’ve done are the favoured things for me to do. I’m open to doing different kinds of stuff.”

He continued: “It’s also fun to do something like The Dilemma, which is in an original tone like a comedy but with a thriller and some suspense in it. Anytime you’re doing something that’s motivating you that is different, that is fun.”

In The Dilemma, his character Ronny is unsure about what to do when he sees his best friend’s wife Geneva (Winona Ryder) cheat on her husband (played by Kevin James) with another man.

“We don’t like the word ‘bromance’. The heart of this movie is everything opposite of the word bromance – they are friends, but they are not a bromance,” he said.

:: The Dilemma is in cinemas now.

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