Web of mishaps haunts Spider-Man


An American actor would have liked a real web to break his fall during a production of Spider-Man on Broadway (AP)

In what is perhaps an accident waiting to happen, an actor on the set of Broadway musical Spider-Man, Turn Off The Dark has fallen about 30ft during a performance.

Firefighters were called to the Foxwoods Theatre on Monday night and the 31-year-old actor was taken to Bellevue Hospital with minor injuries, police said. His name was not immediately released, but a performer in the show identified him as Christopher Tierney.

Rick Miramontez, a spokesman for the production, said the actor fell about seven minutes before the end of the performance and the show was stopped.

“All signs were good as he was taken to the hospital for observation,” Mr Miramontez said.

It is the fourth time an actor has been hurt in connection with the web-slinging production. The show’s official opening has been pushed back 27 days, from January 11 to February 7.

The £42 million musical was conceived by Tony Award-winning director and co-writer Julie Taymor and U2’s Bono and The Edge, who wrote the music.

More than eight years in the making, delays and money woes have plagued the show’s launch. Three other accidents have injured actors, including one who had both his wrists broken while practising an aerial stunt.

The first preview on November 28 did not go well. The musical had to be halted five times because of technical glitches and actress Natalie Mendoza – who plays Spider-Man’s evil love interest Arachne – was hit on the head by a rope and suffered concussion. Her injury kept her sidelined for two weeks.

The show may be about a comic-book hero, but its dilemmas have made it easy fodder for comics themselves.

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