You'll bid for this, but not a lot


Paul Daniels is selling one of his wigs on eBay

Magician Paul Daniels is hoping to make one of his wigs disappear – with the help of auction website eBay.

The bald entertainer is selling a hairpiece he used to wear and, with almost four days to go, more than 20 bidders had pushed the price up to more than £100.

In notes about the sale, Daniels – known for his catchphrase “You’ll like this, not a lot, but you’ll like it” – writes: “Don’t email me about this … I KNOW it’s silly.

“When I was clearing out my props store a few weeks ago I came across a box of the wigs I used to wear when I thought it was necessary. For a laugh I put one on, took the above photograph and made ’em laugh on Twitter.

“It surprised me when peeps started making offers.

“End result … Here’s your chance to own one of the hairpieces that decorated the head of one of the Greatest Sex Symbols of all time … oh yes, AND I nearly forgot, Body Builder! p.s. It can keep your head warm in the winter :)”

The eBay advert features a photo of 72-year-old Middlesbrough-born Daniels in the wig, which he says has an auburn tinge.

The magician has made 498 transactions on eBay and has 100% feedback from buyers and sellers.

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