Benefits Of Mineral Water


For good health it’s recommended that you get enough vitamins and minerals each and every day. Most people choose to take these in the form of a tablet or capsule, though you might not absorb all of the nutrients. Eating healthier is one of the best ways to get your daily requirement, but did you know that drinking mineral water has benefits too? Best of all you don’t have to swallow pills, simply pour a glass of mineralized water and enjoy.

 Water Pollution

Although most cities are supposed to adhere to a strict method of purifying tap water, many impurities are often still present. Also, valuable minerals are filtered out as they try to supply the public with safe drinking water. Purified water that’s found in your local supermarkets or offered by various companies are no better since it doesn’t contain healthy minerals. It’s like you give up one to get the other, but you can have both.

 All-Over Benefits

Minerals are used by your body as transmitters, sending electrical signals to each of your cells and providing many health benefits. Mineral water contains naturally occurring:

 Calcium – helps your heart and other muscles to contract, strengthens nerve impulses, and hardens bones and teeth.

 Magnesium – aids in muscle relaxation, liver function, immune system, neuromuscular activity, and helps with alkaline balance.

 Potassium – needed for nerve impulse conduction, proper heart rhythm, immune system and daily energy.

 Chloride and bicarbonates – help digestion by keeping and regulating the acid balance in the intestines and stomach.

 Sodium – is useful in balancing water and fluids in the body.

 Sulfate and silica – help to cleanse the body and support bones and teeth.

 Iron – distributes oxygen properly throughout the body and prevents anemia.

 Water Purification

When you buy purified water or use a water purification system such as distillation or reverse osmosis it strips out the potassium, calcium and magnesium that are naturally found in fresh water. This is why many people choose to purchase in-home water treatment systems that remove unwanted contaminants yet leave vital minerals intact.

For those who aren’t interested in buying a home filtration system, there are currently more than 3,000 brands of bottled mineral water on the market worldwide. They’re usually bottled at the source, such as a natural spring, and sold to the general public.

If you want to take advantage of naturally occurring minerals and reap the benefits drink mineral water every day.



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