Boost Your Immune System


In today’s changing world, ‘being healthy’ seems to incorporate a few criterias; looking absolutely fantastic and not being ill. However, it means having a holistic, wholesome approach to wellbeing and contentment, including physical and the mental sphere. Our immune system is essentially an unsung hero, an extremely important weapon to beat viruses that may cause colds or flu and keep your body’s defence system war ready. Here are ways you can avoid being under the weather this severe winter season and boost your immune or ward of sickness.

Healthy Diet

We all know that we are what we eat’. To keep your immune system strong and sturdy, one needs to focus on the diet.

Kickstart your body’s defence mechanism with plant based diet, fruits, like blueberries (full of antioxidants) and oranges (vitamin C), can bring serious benefits. Oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel are rich in omega3. Include a generous dose of ginger, garlic and turmeric – all great for your immune system. Green, iron rich vegetables like spinach and broccoli top the list of must-eat foods. Keep your diet moderate, colourful and add variety. Think carrots, beetroots, peas, bell peppers, papaya, kiwi, oranges to sweet potatoes help the body decrease inflammation that cause diseases. Get your vitamin D in good amount- via mushrooms, eggs, curd, milk, cod liver oil. Keep your diet moderate, colourful and add variety. Don’t forget your lemon, green tea or chamomile tea with honey which up your immune system as it’s loaded with powerful anti-oxidants.

Purely Probiotics

Kombucha, kefir, probiotic or fermented drinks contain plenty of gut friendly organisms which help to strengthen immune system and digestive system. Majority of your immune system lies in your gut flora and health of friendly organisms in there. Also kefir is easy to digest and lactose free.

Seeds & Nuts

Load your body with nuts like almonds, dates, apricots, groundnuts, pine nuts, and pumpkin seeds, sesame, sunflower seeds which provide zinc helping ward of cold cough or infections and keep your immune system revved up.

Stir In Supplements

Have a good look over the supplement shelf of your local supermarket and opt for the ones which will protect your immune system.

Evergreen Exercises

No running marathons every day or benching to boost your immune system. Simple moderate activity and avoid sedentary habits. Well, even a brief post meal stroll, standing at your desk rather than sitting, or taking the stairs rather than the lift, can make a sea change. Also try some gentle yoga, breathing exercise and meditation to calm the mind and body.

Sleep Tight

A sterling seven to eight hours between the sheets can be a mood alleviator, brain cell repairer, clarity and just about any other benefit one can dream of. Our immune system can benefit hugely from a good sleep putting our body’s defence mechanism in top condition.

Steer clear of Smoking or drinking

Quitting the cigarettes will have you feeling more energetic, more physical activity, will raise endorphins or mood and you’ll look and feel better. Go easy on drinking to keep sickness at bay. It’s a vicious cycle!

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