By Kavita Shyam

The king of fruits mango is back this summer season to delight your taste buds with its intense flavour. Mango is a fruit is loved by young and old alike, and if you are looking for ways to spruce up the fruit and savour varied recipes from the league then your wait is over!
While mango is flavourful and has tremendous health benefits, it should be consumed in moderate measures and can be used up in many ways than one to prepare tasty treats or drinks and keep the heat at bay.

Food Expert- Sandeep Panwar, Executive Chef, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa loves pampering his clients with a host of mango delights during summer months. He gives out a host of interesting and delectable mango recipes to tantalize your taste buds within the confines of your home. So there is no need to visit your nearby restaurants to binge on summer food or drinks. Read on.

Mango and Prawn Salad

(Pleasing combination of tiger prawns, mangoes and cilantro to beat summer heat)

Ingredients Quantity

Tiger prawns( peeled) 150 gm
Mangoes ripe( medium) 2 no
Fresh coriander leaves 20 gm
Ginger 10 gm
Lemon 1 no
Breakfast sugar 5 gm
Black pepper 5 gm
Peanut oil 15 ml
Rice Krispies 7 gm
Baby salad leaves 10 gm
Mustard Sprouts 5 gm
Lemon leaf 5 no
Salt To taste


Clean and devien prawn. Cook in boiling salted water with lemon and ginger.
Drain and chill.
Peal mangoes and slice thick. Chop ginger and lemon leaf (2 no.) finely.
Dust mangoes with sugar, salt, ginger, lemon leaf and 1/3 rd peanut oil.
Marinade prawns with salt, cracked pepper and peanut oil.
Neatly arrange sliced mangoes in a plate using a mould.
Top with marinated prawns cut into two lengthwise.
Again top with mangoes followed by baby salad leaves, mustard sprouts, fresh
Coriander leaves and rice crispies.
Serve chilled in a fancy fashion.


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