Pooch's pain eased by acupuncture


Vet Robert Wallace with Heather the dog after she regained her health through acupuncture

A dog owner has told of her delight after her pet regained her health – through the ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture.

Scottie dog Heather was left in severe pain after developing a problem with a disc in her spine.

Conventional medicine did little to help the nine-year-old animal, who still had trouble walking three months after her injury despite rest and medication. But owner Helen Anthony, from Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire, found an unexpected solution when her pet was referred to a vet who practises acupuncture, which involves inserting needles into the body for therapeutic purposes.

After just one treatment, Mrs Anthony noticed an improvement and after a few more sessions her pet was able to walk up to a mile.

She said: “I could hardly believe it because a dog can`t be fooled into thinking needles are helping, but she just relaxed. Heather has become much more mobile, I noticed that right away, that she was walking very well.”

When Heather first injured her back in August 2009 a conventional vet prescribed total rest in a dog cage for two months to let the injury heal, as well as pain relief medication.

After three months she was still unable to walk far with ease and was referred to Robert Wallace, a conventional vet who also offers holistic treatments. As well as performing acupuncture on Heather, he recommended changes to her diet, prescribed herbal drops and suggested changes to her exercise routine.

Heather`s diet is now 50% protein, 25% carbohydrate and 25% vegetables, with breakfast consisting of three Brussels sprouts.

She has now had 12 treatments since October 2009 and Mrs Anthony, 61, believes the holistic approach has had a major impact on her pet`s health. She said: “It`s very interesting the idea of treating the whole dog rather than just the bits that are wrong. She is now not suffering any more and her spine is as good as it probably can get.”

Mr Wallace has also treated her other Scottie dog Wallace, also nine and who has severe eczema. He said most animals respond well to the treatment, adding: “They look forward to coming and it is a treat for them in many ways. I also show clients how to do acupressure and massage techniques as well. Dogs and cats like that type of thing, most animals do like tough and respond well to touch.”

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