Your smartphone could soon be doing an eye test for you


Your smartphone and a virtual reality-style headset could be the future of eye tests for glaucoma, according to a product development firm.

Research and development firm Cambridge Consultants has created a concept screening test for glaucoma that uses a smartphone and VR-style headset in order to scan a patient’s eyes and enable tests to take place without having to leave the house.

The current test carried out during hospital check-ups or an optician’s trip involves a series of flashing lights that appear around your field of vision. The headset Cambridge Consultants has created, the Viewi, carries out the same test for around £20.

The test appears on a smartphone, delivered by a dedicated app, with patients still pressing a button, but one that is connected to the headset and phone via Bluetooth.


Simon Karger, head of surgical and interventional products at Cambridge Consultants, said: “Loss of vision as a result of open-angle glaucoma cannot be recovered – but early diagnosis and treatment can slow the progression of the disease.

“But although the current clinical tests work exceptionally well, the system for glaucoma management is overloaded.

We’ve used our optical expertise – coupled with our algorithm skills – to show how a simple, affordable, fast glaucoma screening test that patients can do at home is entirely feasible.

The Viewi system doesn’t aim to replace the current screening and management system – it’s been designed to augment the clinical tests.”

The research firm also said that test results are displayed on the patient’s phone in a simple format, as well as shared with their optician.

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